Feb 15

Brian Charette D/CH/CZ/PL Tour

European Tour

Wed Feb 4th The Raven Straubing, Germany 7pm with Dejan Terzic (d) and Ronny Graupe (g)  http://www.ali-raven.com

Thurs Feb 5 Gleis 3 Nieder Olm, Germany 7pm with Dejan Terzic (d) and Ronny Graupe (g) http://www.schloss-soergenloch.de/139.0.html

Fri-Sat Feb 6-7 Birdseye Basel, Switzerland 7pm with Dejan Terzic (d) and Ronny Graupe (g) http://www.birdseye.ch

Fri Feb 13 Blue Note Poznan, Poland 7pm with Dano Soltis and Ondrej Stveracek  http://bluenote.poznan.pl

Sat Feb 14 Free Jazz Club Szczecin, Pl 7pm with Dano Soltis and Ondrej Stveracek http://www.freebluesclub.pl

Sun Feb 15 Jazz Dock Prague, CZ 10pm with Dano Soltis and Ondrej Stveracek http://www.jazzdock.cz/en




Jan 9

The Mighty Grinders @ 55 Bar NYC

Brian Charette's Mighty Grinders

Brian Charette: Organ and electronics, Will Bernard: Guitar and electronics, Eric Kalb: Drums

The Winner of the 2014 Downbeat Critic's Poll for Rising Star: Organ, Charette, stands the classic Hammond trio on it's ear with his new group. Swirling Juke Joint Funk mixes with cerebral electronica for otherworldly soundscapes. Not to be missed!


Nov 26

CZ Tour

Nov 18  U Maleho Glena with Roman Pokorny 8pm http://malyglen.cz/en

Nov 19 Reduta Jazz Club with Soulmates 9:30pm http://www.redutajazzclub.cz

Nov 20 Jazz Dock with the CZ Sextette 10pm http://www.jazzdock.cz/en

Nov 21 Jazz Dock with Suzanne Higgins 7pm http://www.jazzdock.cz/en

Nov 22 Slany Jazz Fest with Will Bernard http://sjd.jazzclubslany.cz

Nov 23 Reduta Jazz Club with Will Bernard 9:30pm http://www.redutajazzclub.cz

Nov 24 Agharta Jazz Club with Adam Tvrdy 9:30pm http://www.agharta.cz

Nov 25 Jazz Dock with Will Bernard 10pm http://www.jazzdock.cz/en


9:30 pm21:30

Sextette at Reduta Prague, CZ

with Music for Organ Sextette. Genre Bending Organ Sextette. Heavy Metal to Reggaee to Fugue ?!?!?!


9:30 pm

w/ Vitek Pospisil, Ondrej Stveracek, Petr Kalfus, Marcel Barta, Marian Sevcik

Sextette at Jazz Dock:


Sextette in the Prague Post: