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Brian Charette and Melanie Scholtz @ Jazz Forum Arts Tarrytown, NY

Brian Charette and Melanie Scholtz are artists from very different ends of the musical spectrum that were somehow brought together by fate. Scholtz, originally an opera singer and competitive dancer,  is a native Capetonian, well versed in South African Folk music and an ancient tribal language called Xhosa, replete with clicks and unusual rhythm. Charette is a modern jazz juggernaught; Grammy Nominated, Hammond endorsed, and rising as high as 4th place on the Downbeat Critic's Poll in recent years. The two met as colleages in Prague, Czech Republic where they were both teaching at Jesek Conservatory. For years Charette only played piano for Scholtz but as fate would have it, the duo became a couple. Now happily married, The Charettes, who rarely perform together, will put on a special concert of uplifting standards and Bossa Novas at The Jazz Forum. To make the evening even more special, Charette trades in the B3 organ for his original instrument and first accompaniment tool for Scholtz, the piano. The group will be rounded out with Matt Pavolka on bass and Jordan Young on the drums.

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w/ Ari Hoenig & Melanie Scholtz @ Rockwood 3    NYC
8:30 PM20:30

w/ Ari Hoenig & Melanie Scholtz @ Rockwood 3 NYC

Special guest: The Lone Looper

Rhythm master, Ari Hoenig and maverick keyboardist, Brian Charette have been slicing beats for over 20 years. Hoenig has become the go to source for metric modulation while Charette has earned a Grammy nomination, Critic's Poll top spot, and a coveted endorsement from Hammond Organ U.S.A.

The duo has started to add dreamy electronic soundscapes to their powerful organ set. Floating on top of the swirling organ funk is enigmatic South African vocalist and looper, Melanie Scholtz AKA the Lone Looper. Mrs. Scholtz has vast knowledge of South African folk music and the complicated tribal language, Xhosa which she uses to augment the twisting otherworldly organ grinder jams.

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